About Steph

imageHi – WOW! So you’ve taken some time to read my blog! I don’t take it lightly you know. I think it is such an honour to be able to write something which people want to read. For me, it is a true representation of the gift God has blessed me with!

When I was in my teens, I had a clear message from God based on Exodus 4:2

Adonai answered him, “What is that in your hand?”

At the time, I had a pen and notebook in my hand!!

So since then I have written anything and everything – from poems to songs, a Christian teenage girl’s magazine, blog, freelance articles, and a book! Yes, thank YOU Lord, I am a published author!!

I also like to talk! I have been known to address the odd women’s event, radio show, youth event, Church service, evangelism outreach, study group… a few occasions when God has opened a door for me, and held it open while I haltingly wander through. I have spoken on a range of issues, including depression, infertility, being the person God created you to be, the relationship between the Church and Israel, the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, and general biblically-based sermons.

So if you would be interested in hearing anything I have to say, I’d be happy to talk more with you.


In case you have a freshly prepared hot drink and few minutes to spare, here are some other things I have written:

It Is Done – Poem written when I was at City Gates Christian Centre for a healing service the Worship Team led in 2007

Journey for Bubba – A personal and honest blog which chronicles the journey of infertility I struggled with when I was married, until the beginning of 2016. It is my passion to bring into the open this “taboo” subject which affects 1:3 couples in the Church! So it includes Bible reflection and prayers as well as tears, tantrums and smiles. The desire for a baby doesn’t lessen, even when circumstances change. So I still blog on this site, as and when it is appropriate/relevant.

Ready or Not – He is Coming – My first book!!! Oh my days, this was such an exciting adventure!! I remember being in a Christian bookshop one day, and “seeing” my name on a cover of a book on one of the shelves. Fast forward three or four years, and the vision became a reality. This first book was a year in the writing and studying, and I was sooo happy when a publisher accepted and published it back in 2012!! Yes, I am working on a follow-up book. Yes I do have other books being written. No I don’t have the date of the next book to be written – YET!

40ExperiencesAt40 – a fun blog on Tumblr which I am using to document the challenge I have set myself to have 40 new experiences during the year leading up to 40 and the year I turn 40.

Pink Ink – My first ever blog, which is still live – although I haven’t added to it in ages…mainly because I can’t remember my log-in details!!