What Am I Doing?!

😱 I’m doing a skydive in two days!!! 😱

What am I doing???

I know…I know! I’m going to enjoy it when those doors unnaturally open, and my legs are dangling over the edge! Allegedly! But it’s the now!! This bit leading up to it!

Trying to not think about it. Especially when I should be sleeping.

Oh, and if that’s not enough….. in two weeks, I am going to be on my way to Iraq. 😱

As one of my old school friends recently said, “Your crazy life!! I never thought I’d hear a sentence like, ‘I may be free after my skydive before I go to Iraq’ from you!!! Awesome!”

My crazy life, indeed! How on earth did this become part of my 40 experiences?!

And wait…what did she mean by, “from you”?! 🙄


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