Don’t Disrespect You, Either!

Don’t Disrespect You, Either!

Over the weekend, I wrote about how important it is to not reject who you are, in parts one, two and three. But then, I see splashed all over a couple of hashtags I “watch” on Twitter (to find opportunities for work clients), a number of women who are prepared to sell themselves, rather than using their brains!

Come on ladies!! In a world where girls’ shoes are named “Dolly Babe” while boys’ shoes are called “leader“, isn’t it time to break the ceiling of sexism?! Stop contributing to it by buying into the lie that women can’t achieve anything without the use of their “womanly wiles”!! And how ironic that a few weeks after I wrote about women being more than the shoes we wear, children’s shoes hit the news!

I am astounded we are still fighting against #everydaysexism so much – even from a young age. Why do children’s shoes need to have names anyway – never mind such ridiculously sexist names like those?! How are young girls supposed to break the glass ceiling which potentially holds women back, if the message they are receiving comes down to being called a “babe”?

In a world where women and girls are being disrespected so much about how they can achieve so much more, in a world of grey suits, I would love for every woman and girl to hear the message loud and clear – STOP DISRESPECTING YOURSELF! Stop buying into the culture that how you look is what will bring you success, and rise above this man’s world-view! Stop selling yourself on social media, and find a way to break the ceiling which threatens to hold you back from achieving your fullest potential!

YOU, my dear sister, are more than a “Dolly Babe!” You are a woman to be respected! You are more than a revealing photo on social media, you are the crowning glory of creation – worth so much more!

If you don’t believe this about yourself, or about other women – how on earth can we help the man-folk to understand this simple, but important truth!!

Stop disrespecting yourself!!


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