Don’t Reject You, Part 2

When we look to other people for affirmation of who we are, or when we try to be like others who we think are better than we are, we end up missing what’s right in front of us. We end up in danger of rejecting ourselves because we stop being authentic to who we are, in order to appear to more acceptable to others, out of a fear that like many times in our past, we will continue to be rejected if we let people see the real version of who we are.

In constantly seeing the negative in the situation, we are in danger of missing the heart of the message and messenger – those people who fully accept you, and who genuinely love you.

Oh my days, I really can’t imagine what life must be like for those “mood hoover” type of people, who make everything about them. It’s literally like no matter what others do for them, they miss the love and positivity, all the time. It’s like, no matter how much time you spend talking with them, trying to engage them, or inviting them to share life with you, they feel rejected by one thing you do or say “wrong” in their eyes, and so you’re living in their rejection all over again.

There are times in life, I’m not going to lie, when I have focussed on the wrong messaging, missing the right message real friends are trying to communicate. Like when I handle something on my own, and then tell my closest friend what I’d been going through after I’ve come through it, when she has always said, “I’m here for you, stop trying to do it alone!”

It doesn’t make me any more reliant on God, or holy, just because I am trying to go it alone. It means I am foregoing the support He places around me, in order to help me through it. Is this me rejecting Him? Is this me rejecting the place of friendship in my life?

We all have the capability of rejecting people. But learn who you can safely allow into your life, and don’t reject them. When you allow yourself this “luxury” of trusting others, you’re allowing yourself to be vulnerable with your own fear of rejection. And you begin to see that actually, there are a lot of friends who don’t reject you. Don’t base your whole opinion of who you are, on the actions or reactions of one or two people.

Don’t reject you – because they have chosen not to. And if your friends see something in you worth loving, isn’t it time you did too?


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