Fear is a Funny Thing!

Feeling the fear, but not held back by it:

So I’m trying to sleep and it hits me that this time in one month, I’ll have done the skydive I’m trying not to think about, and will be (safely) in a country most people don’t even consider visiting, never mind having it on their destination bucket list.

While I am incredibly grateful I have these amazing opportunities, the few weeks ahead, I know, are going to be a challenge. But I wouldn’t turn down these chances in a heartbeat, if asked again.

The essence of life is experience, isn’t it??

Having recently broken out of a dark season, in my head it makes sense to experience things I know I could never do, if I was back in the same situation; to take advantage of those “once in a lifetime” risks which have come my way… because if not now, then never.

It’s about acknowledging the fear and trepidation of what lies ahead within the next 30+ days, but not allowing it to hold me back from taking the step to board the planes. One from which I will jump, the other which will take me into an unexplored, scarred land.

These middle-of-the-night fears have nothing to stand in their way of rising to the surface of my thinking, because my brain isn’t thinking about work, or church-media, or any of the other zillion things I focus on during the day, to stop them from surfacing. They may stop me from sleeping, but they will not stop me from accomplishing what lies ahead.

Fear really is a funny thing, don’t you think? What we fear the most is the unknown, but once past what is unknown into the realm of the experience we were fearful of, we realise that we really had nothing to fear all along.

So here’s to me doing a sky dive – click here if you want to sponsor me.

And here’s to me visiting a country others have fled from.

And here’s to me not allowing fear to dictate what I can or can’t do in my near future.

oh….and hopefully, here’s to me getting some sleep tonight!


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