5 Tips for Being Your Most Productive on #NationalLazyDay

On #NationalLazyDay here are my 5 crucial tips for you to make the most of most decadent of national days, and definitely not consider doing on August 10th:

  1. DON’T miss those crucial deadlines. Streamline how you’re working, so you only do what is necessary, and not get side-lined by something which looks appealing, but is only going to make you work harder as your deadline approaches! Seriously, if it can wait until another day, put it off without guilt! Don’t let anything distract you from what you really need to do today.
  2. DON’T text – make a call! Says the queen of texting and messaging!! But think about it logically – there are, what? 11 digits in the average phone number – less if you have them on speed dial? How much effort is involved in typing out a text, or a message?? Ugh! So much effort!! Don’t do it – just make a call! You don’t even have to make notes – record it, and then you can come back to anything later on!
  3. DON’T do it all yourself – delegate! I know… you probably can do it better yourself, but if your diary is chocca-block, why stress over it?! Pass it on, train someone else up, and allow yourself time to breathe! It’s not laziness – it’s delegation! Don’t fill up your to-do list with stuff you know someone else in the team is capable of!

I know I said 5 things, but come on! It’s national lazy day! Why are you actually expecting I would actually do any more than three!!

Enjoy your day and… be lazily productive!


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