5 Reasons It Was Never Going to Be Love At First Sight!

5 Reasons It Was Never Going to be Love At First Sight!

Approaching her table, he was still typing into his phone, and hovered over her briefly while he waited for his message to finish being composed. Then calling her name, he thrust his mobile into her eyeline, in order to communicate his heart desire to her, with the help of Google Translate, “My Stef, your eyes, your style, your smile, you’re beautiful. I would come to England for you.”

When you know your worth, you’re not going to be easily persuaded by someone trying to tell you sweet-nothings. I have come to the conclusion they are called sweet-NOTHINGS for a reason!

Now I know there are some women out there who buy into the whole “love at first sight” thing. And it’s those type of women who would probably have felt their heart pounding and their common sense turn to mush… no offence!

The more cynical among us – hands up that’s soooo me! – isn’t quite so taken in by such nonsense!

Let me show you my thinking when this happened to me on the last day of my holiday in Montenegro.

Number 1. How presumptuous to declare anyone as belonging to him! Especially as I’d not spoken to the guy at all throughout the whole week. At all.

Number 2. My style, like most women on holiday, was. “Beach hair, don’t care!” Like literally, I was in holiday mode! No… for any romantics out there trying to find the sweet in the nothing…that doesn’t mean he “fell in love with” my natural state.

Number 3. I smile at most people who provide a service. It’s the polite British woman in me! It doesn’t mean it can be interpreted as anything special just for you, mr all inclusive waiter man.

Number 4. If you have to use Google Translate to communicate with me, it doesn’t really bode well for deep and meaningful conversations which sometimes crop up in relationships!

Number 5 – and I think this is probably the biggie for me, and yet we read in the papers about so many women being caught up in this! I am not your ticket to the UK! He wouldn’t be coming to England for me, coz love at first sight doesn’t exist, especially when there’s been no time to get to know me.

When all is said and done, I can’t help but wonder why some men think they can chat this kind of nonsense and have women falling into their trap for a better life. Oh wait…yes I do! Because too many women are so insecure, desperate or whatever, that they do fall for that! And then wonder what happened when the guy suddenly disappears.

Ladies, when you know your worth, you will be able to see the reality through all the noise, and it makes it harder for a guy to come in and sweet talk at you, without you demanding the depth and correlating behaviour you deserve. Talk is, quite often, cheap! But actions speak louder than words, and if you know your value, you will recognise those behaviours which actually drown out the nonsense from the heart-attitude.

You’re much too precious to allow words to melt away your common sense, and falsehoods to destroy your heart. Let me refer you back to the types of guys I don’t have time for!! So this holiday season, protect your inner being as well as your skin. You’re so worthy of more than cheap chatter!


4 thoughts on “5 Reasons It Was Never Going to Be Love At First Sight!

  1. Machia Gutmann says:

    Loved this…so spot on…. I feel the same way Actions not just empty words and gestures. While there is attraction at first sight Love??? Sure if you prefer a delusional rapsidy than the truth. Because there is no love at first sight. Love requires trust and that trust thing is serious over haul of work dedication and perseverance. Its not easy or quick and it’s something well…. He better be willing to prove he deserves….. until Death!!! Lol


  2. Chris Lilley says:

    Made my evening! I’ve got this image of the “polite British Woman” with beach hair displaying that ‘So not bothered’ look on her face whilst sat at a pink table, with pink table cloth, pink cutlery and pink plates (I’ve seen your desk, remember!). Excellent read Steph.


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