Unwarranted Forgiveness

Forgiveness. An aspect of human nature which can be easily demanded, harder to be implemented. Especially when someone has done something, or said something and they don’t even realise the effect it’s had on you. 

A flippant comment,

A judgemental word,

A word that cuts deep into your heart,

A message which threatens to steal your peace,

A conversation which lacks understanding.

It is in these moments when forgiveness needs to be extended, way beyond our human comprehension of what forgiveness is, and touching the true forgiveness we receive through Jesus, “while we were yet still sinners”. Even before we knew we needed forgiveness to be given to us, Jesus gave it. 

So don’t hang on to something someone said to you flippantly. They have already discarded the conversation from their memory. Unless you challenged them there and then, they won’t even realise they have hurt you, caused you pain, or hit that place God is ministering to.

Some might argue, “That’s because God is working through them to minister in you.” Sure, sometimes that happens. But my God isn’t One Who intentially causes pain or hurt. He is a God Who heals. 

Having someone pressing on a bruise isn’t God’s way to bring healing. 

Having someone negatively remind you of what you’ve had to carry, isn’t God’s way to bring healing. 

Causing you to feel condemned or judged isn’t God’s way to bring healing. 

If you are needing to be challenged in an area of life you refuse to deal with or are clinging to, is different to living with something to which there seems no end. Faith rises way beyond the situation you are in. Hiding from your pain, and working through your pain are both reactions to your situation. But if you are hiding, expect God to walk through the garden of your life asking, “My child. Where are you?” Because He wants to restore, He wants to revive, He wants to heal. He doesn’t want you to hide away from the burden, the pain or the heartache. He wants you to feel the fear, or feel the pain, and trust Him anyway. Have faith in Him anyway. 

No one can understand the journey you’re on, but God.

No one has the healing you desire, but God.

No one can really say the right thing at the right time….except for God.

So if someone says something out of their ignorance of your pain, don’t hold unforgiveness against them. Forgive and let God do what He needs to do in the middle of it all. This is unwarranted forgiveness. This is the very nature of Who God is, in Whose image we are made.


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