No Scrubs!

Do you remember that 90s hit, “No Scrubs” by TLC? I have recently had it playing fairly loudly, while driving up and down the M1, with the windows down, in the sunshine. It’s a good song to bellow at the top of your lungs… or maybe that’s just me.

I’d been thinking, before this song appeared in my Spotify list about some of the guys who have recently tried to approach, and that maybe I should help some of these poor boys out. I know I’m not perfect, but come on, give me a break!

So, here is my own list of “No scrubs” which I am more than happy to add to, because right now, I really don’t need the hassle!

1. Any guy who thinks it is acceptable to approach wearing joggers….don’t! Ever. Especially if stepping foot in a gym is as alien a concept for you, as stepping foot on Venus is for humanity. As TLC declared, “I’m looking class, and he’s looking trash.”

2. Any guy who doesn’t have ambition… don’t! In case you try to hold me back from achieving mine. I’ve come too far to let you stop me now.

3. Any guy who hasn’t learned to drive…don’t! Right now I have my own life, and don’t need to play taxi service to yours. If I wanted to start up a taxi company I would – but I wouldn’t be one of the drivers 😘

4. Any guy who doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus…don’t! I will not be distracted by a relationship with you, and you might grow jealous of my relationship with Him.

5. Any guy who doesn’t know how to handle his finances…don’t! I’m not here to carry you financially. There are many shoes out there yet to be discovered!

6. Any guy who is still living with, or has gone back to living with his parents…don’t! I am not here to be a replacement mother for you.

7. Any guy who has an old banger…don’t! There’s a difference between classic and clapped out, and I prefer classic to plain, old! Yours needs to sit perfectly alongside mine!

8. Any guy who puts so much emphasis on his outward appearance, he forgets to correlate his inner heart…don’t! Ugliness is more than skin-deep.

9. Any guy who thinks playing a game and saying the right thing is going to work…don’t! Life is a partnership, games are for kids.

10. Any guy who doesn’t have his own opinions…don’t! You’ll probably be annoyed by not being able to keep up with mine in conversation, and try to box me in. Guess what – you’re can’t.

11. Any guy who wants to hold me to ransom to my past…don’t! Only God can do that, and I know for a fact you are not God. And anyway, He doesn’t, so why do you think you can?

12. Any guy who is content to lie to me…don’t! How do you expect me – or anyone else for that matter – to trust you with my heart, if you can’t honour me with truth.

Hope this helps, and helps some of the muppets out there are able to avoid the rejection likely to be incurred. Life is too short, and I am too busy! 😉


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