Fears About The Election

The problem with democracy, are the muppets who don’t treat democracy with the respect and depth it deserves. There are so many countries which are not democratic, who would love to have the chance to vote, and choose those who represent them, but are trapped in a dictatorship.

And it scares me. Because it seems to me there are too many people on the streets who are clueless about what it really means to be able to actually vote. There is no thought, no consideration, no weighing up the various candidates and what they really represent. No digging into who they really are, beyond the words they say.

Too many times I have heard people being interviewed on the streets across the UK, saying, “I’m voting…because I always have.” Or, “I don’t like the leader, but I always vote them. Not changing now.” Or, “I have no idea what they stand for, but my family has always voted for them.” Or, “I don’t agree with some of their policies, but I am them through and through.” Or, “This is a … area, so I’m just gonna vote for them.”

Is it just me who is concerned?

Is it justifiable?

Is this what democracy is really about, for people to vote without thinking?

When I think of what people have endured in the past just to have the right to vote, from women, to people of other races, it frustrates me so much there are people standing in front of the camera making ignorant statements like these, without any real thought or consideration about what they’re actually doing, when they place their X in the box next week.

Lord have mercy on this nation!


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