I recently wrote about the epic challenge of de-cluttering my life, and how it seems like the same message is coming up over and over again, about how to do it.

Now, I have come across an article about the benefits of de-cluttering, on the Psychology Today website. It seems there are some of us who need the statistics of an official study before we will accept the psychological benefit to addressing the amount of clutter in our lives.

The number one benefit, surely, is the fact it removes the pressure, and creates a deeper sense of contentment, because we don’t feel as though our lives are out of control.

I am prepared to test this for myself, and as June rolls into July, and summer rolls into autumn then winter, as life continues to rebuild and become more settled, it is my hope I will achieve some sense of de-clutterisation (I think I just created a word!).

No doubt we will work this out together, as I journey this path. Feel free to comment below with your de-clutter advice, tips and suggestions.



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