Imitating Einstein

Imitating Einstein:

I was at the hairdresser’s recently, laughing with her about my Einstein impression. You know what I mean? That look where people could be forgiven for thinking I’d stuck my finger in a socket, or something.

I don’t mean all of my hair, most people probably wouldn’t have noticed. If you did notice, I promise I wasn’t trying to create some weird style I hoped would catch on for the summer!

It basically came down to the fact I had lots of baby hair: Regrowth, which was too short to fall flat with the rest of my hair, and which refused to be tamed by hairspray or mousse products.

What it meant to me was one thing. After an incredibly difficult season of intense stress over the last couple of years, my body was in alignment with my spirit that the season had passed.

There have been two occasions when my hair has fallen out as a result of the intense pressure I have been under. The first time was when I discovered a lump in my breast when I was in my twenties. The second was as a result of an emotionally damaging relationship.

So the fact my hair was doing its best impression of Einstein’s wild locks was confirmation the storm has now passed, I had survived, and not only is God rebuilding my life with me, my body is being restored physically, as well as spiritually and emotionally.

So if you don’t mind, I really don’t mind while my new hair settles into place and learns where it needs to fall. To me it’s a beautiful reminder of the new season I am in, and if my hair was going to stand proud on my head as if followed by a balloon, then I definitely was’t going to slouch around hoping it would go away.

You can’t slouch in heels, and there’s no point in trying to hide from the little triumphs your body and spirit make along your journey. Celebrate where you have come from.


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