Time To De-Clutter

I’m reading a lot at the moment about “de-cluttering” your life, and it’s not even by choice! Whether it’s through the challenge of a friend, in books I currently seem to be drawn to, and random articles in magazines…. do you ever feel like God is trying to tell you something?!

My dad, who I kinda take after to an extent, is a bit of a hoarder. By a bit – I mean a total! I’ve not reached the same level as him, and as competitive as I am – I will never try to! But last year, when I emptied all I had into boxes – things I wanted to keep and things I wanted to get rid of, it was quite a liberating experience. I realised some of what I was boxing up to throw, weren’t as important to me as I’d once thought.
I’ll be glad to get into my new place, and empty out the boxes I still have taped up from last year, while I lived in the TP. It begs the question though: If I’ve not brought it out of the box for over six months – do I really need it???

De-cluttering is not just about sorting through the physical stuff our lofts, spare rooms, and cupboards are filled with. De-cluttering is about getting rid of the stuff which is grabbing our attention, filling our mind-space, and holding our emotions to ransom. This is all part of the journey I am on. Working out what are real priorities. What really belongs in my future? What do I really need to give my time and attention to? 

Hopefully as I make steps to rebuilding my life, I’ll make strides towards de-cluttering in every sense of the phrase, and take back control of my life! 


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