Ignorance Leads to Insensitivity

You know there is nothing more annoying than insensitivity – except insensitivity which stems from complete and utter ignorance! Actually, there probably is, but for the purpose of this post…there isn’t!

I couldn’t believe the person who thought it was appropriate to ask Theresa May, one of the biggest competitors for the most ignorant question I have ever heard, when she was interviewed on LBC radio this week.

But, my respect for Theresa May has increased. Whereas I might have been tempted to climb over the desk and face palm the offending questioner on his own face, she didn’t quite do that….physically anyway. Verbally, I think she definitely did!

But this comes down to the gap between those who have children and those who don’t. A huge gap. A chasm as wide as an ocean, at times, it seems.

Let me lay it down, The current situation is that there are currently 1:6 couples who are trying to conceive, but are not able to, for various reasons known and unknown. As well as the countless men and women currently single who also know they have fertility issues, and are unable to even try!

We are well aware we are missing something in our lives, trust me. We don’t need someone to remind us and ask the most stupid questions, like, “How different a person do you think you might be if….” Many of us have asked ourselves that very same type of question over-and-over…. every Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, summer holidays, random days… you can see how the picture builds.

I respect Theresa May’s grace in handling such stupidity, and I would love to have an opportunity to glean from her, for my own journey. “How has your faith sustained you through some of the most darkest and most difficult days of being a woman?” For example. Or “What can I learn from your walk for my own walk?”

The fact that there are as many as 1:6 couples means that most of you who read this,  if you are not one of this special statistic, will definitely know of people who are. All we ask, is that you don’t hide from what we’re dealing with, but likewise, hold back on the stupidity now and again!

We don’t want to have a negative affect on how you enjoy your life, so cut us some slack and treat us in the same way, if that’s ok with you!



Click here to hear the question and reply.


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