Carpe Diem!

At the beginning of the year, what with turning 40 and starting life over, I thought it would be a good time to declare that whatever opportunities God sent my way, I would accept them.

I think this comes after years of feeling like I’d been living under an oppressive dark cloud, and the relief at a new lease of life which has been granted to me. It kinda makes me want to grab life in both hands, and experience as much as possible while I can!

So, at first, the opportunities were quite tame, you know – like a new job, new car, speaking engagements, attending cool events for different freelance work bods. And then came a challenging out-of-comfort-zone offer to do a parachute jump*. Oh man! Really! Willingly jumping out of an airplane at a few thousand feet??

After thinking about it over a weekend, I accepted!! Crazy!! But fun!


Then came another out-of-comfort-zone opportunity to follow a missions team on their next trip to Iraq, to produce a film about mission trips for future teams… Iraq hadn’t really been on my 1 year, 5 year or 55 year bucket list. But, I am looking forward to going, and prayerfully hope I can produce something worthy of the trip.

Of course, both of these opportunities also provide great blogging material for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date with my adventures in leaping waaaaay beyond my comfort zone!

Saying “Yes!” to God can be scary and exhilarating all at the same time. But if He promises to be with me, I promise to give Him the best I can offer. Eventually. When the shaking stops!

Here’s to saying more “Yes!” to God, and seeing what He does with that!


*Details of the Parachute Jump and charity sponsorship will be released soon, maybe you would consider sponsoring my foolishness?



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