Outward V’s Inward Appearance

It’s not that I’m vain or anything… But I do like to look half-decent, and not like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards! And I quite like the idea of styling! You know – outfits can say more about you than your words!

I had been booked into a conference with some friends in the Spring, and had to go down the day before for an event I was speaking at. So carefully choosing my outfit in advance was crucial for creating the right look for a day among women, because I wouldn’t be able to change my mind by the morning of the conference. I might even have bought something especially for the occasion!

So when it came to packing, everything was laid out, ready to go in the car, new outfit on a hanger so it wouldn’t crease, and off I went on my merry way.

Minus the outfit! Like seriously! And I didn’t even realise til I reached London.

I hadn’t actually realised how much I (we?) are defined by what we wear (as women?!?) until faced with the prospect of wearing either the outfit I drove down in, or the outfit I’d worn to go out on the Friday night…! No way!!! No chance!!! Wearing something unclean for a full day conference?!? Nooo!

I actually started to dread the next day as I genuinely had “nothing to wear”. Not that thing we get when we stand in the bulging wardrobe lamenting over our lack of outfits. Not that thing we can also get when we realise what we wanted to wear is still in the wash pile. This was an absolute dilemma…. I HAD NOTHING TO WEAR.

I did have some pretty amazing shoes though. Just for the record!

And by the time I finished speaking at the Friday night meeting, the shops shut. I even tried to get something from one of the 24 hour supermarkets, but….and who knew this was a thing…the clothing section was blocked off. I was not to buy another new outfit.

Whhhhhyyyy was God testing me in this way?!?!

The day was about Him. Him and me. Not how I presented myself to the other people. Not about how I choose to style myself, because at the end of the day, although,

“Man looks at the outward appearance… God looks at the heart.”

We can get so caught up in our outward appearance, we forget that actually, God is checking out heart attitude. I did feel myself start to get a bit anxious about my lack of outfit. And I did allow it to knock me – momentarily. Until a conversation with my “bestie” helped find an alternative solution.

It’s funny how even the small things we don’t even realise can knock us, the enemy is right there to play on. I had a perfect day with God, and among friends, at the woman’s conference…. And managed to squeeze into my Bestie’s jeans which are a size smaller than I’d  normally wear!! Bonus booster!

Best of all, I could focus on God and not so much on me. Right where my focus needed to be. Right where our focus always needs to be.

And having the admiration of my sparkly, silver shoes was also a bonus boost – because I’ve always known the right shoes can make any outfit!


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