I Have A Solution to The Gape!!

I Have A Solution to The Gape!!

OK, can someone please explain to me why as a woman, who bought two types of shirts for women, the same woman’s size, from the same branch of the woman’s department of Next, yet one gapes and one sits perfectly????

Oh the joys of womanhood!!

The shirt-dress is beautifully designed, with adequate material and no embarrassment awaits me. While the humble shirt – on the otherhand – can’t wait to shame me, should I dare to wear it outside the house!

There’s enough material at the sides and the back, so why! oh why! can’t we avoid the nightmare of button gapage????

I know. I could fix it with a safety pin (but why should I put holes in my clothes??), or double-sided tape, or Velcro (which I don’t seem to have handy right now?!). But why should I have to fix an age-old problem we women have to contend with whe never we want to wear a woman’s shirt?

Can’t women’s clothes be designed with women in mind, perhaps? Maybe a 10 or a 12 or whatever, should come in 10a, 10b, 10c etc, and save us all the awkwardness of dealing with “The Gape”!!!



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