The Line Between Love and Doormat

The Line Between Love and Doormat

As a Christian woman (or man – I’d love to hear your thoughts too!!!) where do you think the line between love / compassion and becoming a doormat should be drawn?

I ask this as I remember dating a guy who was so convinced I should be helping him with his business, that if I wasn’t, I clearly wasn’t being supportive enough as a girlfriend/potential wife/future doormat!

I was a bit late to the #Thingsonlychristianwomenhear hashtag party earlier this week, but in one sense, it was a relief to hear from other women who have had stupid stuff said to them, but also incredibly sad that there’s still so much ignorance in what the Bible means by, “wives submit to your husbands”!!

The line between compassion/love/willingness to support – which is natural for most decent, honourable people, not just women – and doormat is not as thin as we try to make out it is. #Controversy!

Feeling coerced into doing something so as to not cause offence or upset is not giving that other person the opportunity to really shine in how awesome their genuine support and love can be. That seems quite clear cut. Or is that just my simplistic understanding???

That guy tried to guilt-trip me into taking on some of the responsibilities he knew were important for his business, but not enough of a priority for him to set aside time to do himself. We were only casually dating. It wasn’t my responsibility to suddenly be his PA/Administrator/Filing system/office junior on top of my own heavy work load and responsibilities.

Or was it?


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