From Brokenness Comes Beauty

FROM BROKENNESS COMES BEAUTY: I was recently in conversation with someone I had randomly met, when God gave me a clear revelation of what He was doing in my life. For I have realised that after the brokenness comes beauty.

About seven or eight months ago, I wrote about how it felt as though I was sitting among broken glass, sifting through which pieces were worth saving and which pieces were to be left behind.

When you’re staring at the broken remains of your life, you wonder how on earth God can bring anything out of it.

But, none of us are a lost cause, otherwise Jesus’ death and resurrection is rendered worthless.

imageOne of the biggest home “interior design” styles of the moment, is for broken glass which has been reformed into something beautiful. Random pieces. Random colours. Brought together by a creative mind who can see how the pieces fit together.

God is like that – with my life, anyway! He has taken the pieces I thought I wanted to hold onto and He will do with them as He sees fit. He is also re-working other pieces I wasn’t aware of. And bringing in pieces from elsewhere to bring a sense of beauty from the brokenness.

The Creator is at work, and like a glass candle holder, I hope that when the Light shines through me, it will really be something of beauty in spite of the brokenness I had experienced. And the brokenness needs to be there in order for the light to shine through and display the beauty of God’s creativity in my life. An imperfect balance of beauty and brokenness providing the space for the perfection of Jesus’ restorative power to be at work in me!


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