Expert Voices – Or Not!

I started a new job recently and I’ve realised something. Everyone is an expert online! What makes them an expert? The fact they have a few thousand followers, maybe? Is that how we judge how much expertise someone has! It’s like trying to navigate through muddy waters, sometimes!!

Having just entered the world of marketing, officially – it was something I’d been kinda doing anyway, but this is like a whole new world – I’ve been looking for inspiration and to learn from some of the “big players” in the field. So naturally, you look for those who Forbes describe as “the ones to watch” for this year. I am watching. Not stalking. Watching.

But I’ve also been followed by numerous “expert marketers” who specialise in various areas I may or may not be interested in. The number of Twitter followers they have, for example, is impressive and I’m like, “how do they get that many? They must know their stuff, right!” But some of what I’ve read of these so-called experts is just online fluff!

I’m not an expert. I’m a student. And as far as I’m aware – every day is a school day. There’s so much to learn – not just about marketing, but about life in general. We’re all students. We all learn from those who are ahead of us – and trust me when I say that at any age, at any stage, in any situation – there will always be people ahead of us. And they are experts but don’t have thousands of followers online.

In fact. There’s one particular expert I am happy to learn from, who had twelve initial followers. He invested time in those twelve – genuinely teaching them what they actually needed to know. And not fluff they could regurgitate!

That’s my kind of teacher. And my way of learning. And my way of passing on what I know. Or should that be what I think I know!!

Be careful of the so-called experts you’re listening to. Do they really have something to say, or have they just spent money in the right areas building up their following. Money talks – but what it says isn’t necessarily wisdom.

May God grant me wisdom as I continue to learn and grow in my new role.


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