The Sun Draws Out The Muppets!

What is it about the sun drawing out the muppets?! I know we’re only just into spring, and summer is on the way, but I feel as though I already want help those random boy-men who like to hang out of their car windows, and leer at women walking around… otherwise it is going to be a loooong summer for both genders!

Boy-Man, listen up! You are NOT cool. You DON’T have it going on, and…while I can only definitively speak for myself, I think many other ladies will agree.. YOUR LEERY COMMENTS DO NOT VALIDATE ME!

So put some clothes on, stop hanging out of the window like a dog in the passenger seat, and keep your eyes forward, on the direction in which you are driving. I don’t want to hear you. I don’t want to see you. I want to be able to carry on my lunchtime shopping without interruption from you.

Any lady, worth her weight in gold, silver, and every precious stone known to man, is not going to have her head turned by you bellowing at her out of the window. And a “Hello Sexy”, or whatever other derogatory comment you choose to spew out, will not get her attention. If you are looking for a life partner, she can be found in places where a real gentleman can actually engage her in a civil conversation. If you’re not – maybe you should try that “Hey Sexy” opener at home?!

My validation comes first and foremost from knowing who I am… A lady! A child of God. A woman who deserves respect. Secondarily, it comes from the encouragement and compliments of my friends. Are we clear?! I don’t care if you’re ugly, bald and fat; or if you are young and work out – you are a numpty!

So whilst I love wearing my jeans and cozy jumpers in the cool spring breeze, I am quite looking forward to the dresses I have saved up for when the sun comes out. But let me make one thing clear…. Me choosing to wear a dress, or shorts, or whatever I want is NOT for your benefit.

I’m done – hopefully this kind of ignorant man-boy behaviour will be done too!

Here’s to a happy summer where women can walk tall without having to hide under baggy jumpers all season!!


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