Not Everyone Can Celebrate

For many people, Mother’s Day can be tough.

  • For those who’ve lost their mums
  • For those who long to be a mum
  • For those whose children are in heaven

While it is right to honour our mother’s, consider those who find this one day in the calendar particularly tough, and find a way to honour them too. Those who have walked the path of infertility can understand more easily the path someone is walking behind you. Someone who has lost their mother may need the assurance of a friend to carry them through. A mother who no longer has her children in her arms may need an extra hug from you.

Whilst we can’t slouch in heels, we can stumble – and this is when we could do with the arm of someone beside us, just to steady us on our feet again, while we find our balance and carry on. So if someone seems distant, or hides away, give them the space, but give them the support too – don’t hide from their pain, but allow them to acknowledge the grief and know that it is ok.

No man or woman is an island.


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