Happy International Women’s Day 2017

I had the biggest compliment paid to me recently, not once but twice by two different young women, who both said they hope they can be “like me when they get to my age”!

As someone who tries to inspire other women to become all they have been designed and purposed by God to be, I am honoured when someone looks at the messy ruins of my life, and says they feel inspired by the way I have continued to walk through the challenging seasons. Or when they read something I have written and found comfort, encouragement or hope in the words. Or when I speak and the words I share are used by God to bring peace, love or restoration to their hearts. Or just the assurance they can do whatever they feel is beyond their grasp.

To be told by others we inspire them, is one aspect of womanhood I believe is attainable. We can all be an inspiration to someone else, just by not being so self-focussed we miss those God-opportunities in each season. Being aware of those around us from whom we can also receive inspiration – and then encouraging them and not pulling them down, is surely the ultimate act of being the kind of woman who is a blessing to others. It’s hard enough when society, and some aspects of “this is a man’s world” can cause women to hold back, or be pushed down, without us doing that to each other.

So, on International Women’s Day, may you find some inspiration in your day, and may you recognise the encouragement from God in your own situation.


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