Held Back By Father

When I was younger, like much younger, my parents had four children under 5 all eager to explore the world around us. So what did they do? Invest in reins – like a harness so the child feels as though they are being allowed to roam free, but actually the parent still had a firm grip on how far the youngster can go.

Sometimes it feels like God has reigns on me. I can feel the pull of the harness whenever I try to get too far, too quickly. And like a toddler eager to explore that which is up ahead, I feel the tug as Father holds me back. And like a young child eager to shoot off to see what’s ahead, it’s frustrating! I wonder at what age having a tantrum becomes appropriate again????

Parents do it so the child doesn’t wander off and get lost. Or to avoid the child stepping into a dangerous situation they’re unaware of. Or to stop the child from going off with someone they don’t know.

I’m guessing there are similar reasons to why it feels like God holds us back too. When we want to run ahead, He holds us back because we’ve not yet reached the place of safety where we can be released to run free. Or run wild. I think I might run riot!??!

When you can see the big open space before you, the frustration at still being held back can be at its most intense. But just a few more steps and we’ll soon be at the place of safety, where freedom reigns and you will be able to stretch out your tent pegs, explore the future and take those few cautious steps off the harness into the abundant life God has been leading you to all this time.

I can see it.

I just haven’t quite reached it yet.

So excuse me, if when I am finally set free, I run screaming and laughing, like a newly-released child loving the feel of the wind in her hair, and the freedom to run down the hills without being held back. This journey has been….like….FOREVER!


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