Bareskin Valentine

Bareskin Valentine:

I have a confession to make to all you Bare Minerals fans……Please don’t lynch me!! I just can’t get to grips with the minerals powder! I have given sooooo much time and attention to seeing if it could work out. It’s not the powder – it’s me. I just feel like we didn’t really connect in the way I was hoping for, when I first explored a new relationship with it.

But… Having said that, I’m not turning my back on Bare Minerals! I have found something I love. Literally, my life seemed so empty before it arrived in my make-up bag. It’s the Bareskin liquid! And it is like this thing really gets me! It offers me exactly the right amount of cover, and feels so light and…just wow!

Sometimes I tag the power on top of the liquid, like if I am going to be out all day and all night, or if I want to make the powder feel like it’s still loved, but from this point on, Bareskin is definitely for me.

Dear Bare Minerals… please don’t ever change the product!! My new, developing relationship for my Bare Natural 07 foundation fits me perfectly! **sigh** It was truly love at first sight!


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