More Than A Survivor

Three Steps to Surviving Valentine’s Day

Oh yay! Nearly Valentine’s Day. Another day to survive for so many people. Why do we hype up this one particular day? And, hands up, having edited a teen girls’ magazine for a number of years, there were times when we also bought into the hype. But I’m also pleased to say, there were times we definitely didn’t!

So if your Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly reflective of what the media portrays about love and relationships, here are my survival tips for overcoming another day – like Christmas for the lonely, or Mother’s Day for the barren – which can cause more upset and pain than is necessary.

1. Don’t buy into a day – buy into you. You don’t have to get anyone some cheesy, lovey gift, which means…..more money for you to spend on yourself! You are worth spending your money on, come on! You earned it working 9-5 or whatever your hours are. Don’t hold back on gifting yourself.

2. Don’t buy cheese – buy something which lingers. Cheesy gifts only bring amusement for so long! Why not choose something to give to your bestie. Or to a colleague having a rough day. Or to your parents because they used to “surprise” you back in the day. Love isn’t reserved for those who are part of a couple. Take it back!!!

3. Don’t buy into short-term – buy in the long term goals. Seriously?! What’s one day anyway!! You, my friend, have a long-term goal. A future purpose. A hope. A dream. Make investments into your future. If you’re a Christian, this could be as simple as spending time with God, and allowing Him to pour His love and dreams into you. It could be putting down on paper some of the thoughts floating around your head… Treat yourself to your favourite drink, and dream! Dream big! Your future is yours to step into.

Don’t slouch through this Valentine’s Day wishing you could hide because of the heartache, the pain, or the loneliness you may feel. Claim it back and strut through it knowing you have as much right to enjoy it as you did when you were in a couple.

And besides: The greatest love you can ever receive is found in Jesus. The greatest love you can ever give is to yourself.

Ohhh… and in the words of a famous advert, “You’re worth it!”


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