Waiting Is Tough Work

The thing with starting life again, is the sudden thrust of responsibility. I mean seriously, am I really qualified to be doing grown-up stuff like buying property or a car?? Can’t I just stick to shoe shopping and styling people?

Actually. I am enjoying the process and the challenge of seeking wise advice, pondering my options and making decisions.

The hardest bit, at the moment, is all the waiting which comes with this stage of life! Waiting for Christmas as a child was so hard – the countdown seemed to go on FOREVERMORE when the first piece of chocolate was consumed from the advent calendar.

Waiting as a responsible adult doesn’t actually seem that much easier!! When I can see the end of the difficult season I’ve been walking through, almost like I can tangibly grasp what is just out of reach, it is frustrating because there is nothing any of us can do to speed up time. All we can do is keep moving forward. Slowly. One day at a time. Opening the advent calendar each day as we count down to that which we are waiting for.

Whether it’s a pregnant woman waiting to meet her new baby. An entrepreneur waiting for his first client to sign on the dotted line. A homebuyer waiting for the conveyancing surveys to be complete, there is nothing we can do as we wait – except enjoy the time we have between the now and the then.

The how is almost as important as the when. And it’s part of being an adult to manage the waiting season with as much grace and enjoyment as we can muster. No matter how far away the end goal seems.

Trust me. I know! I don’t have the tangible things I am waiting for in sight just yet. But I do have the sense that my season is about to change. And this is both exciting and frustrating in equal measure.

So here’s to waiting like an adult, and not a petulant child!


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