Taking Control – The Chocolate Fight!

So when I started reading, “Love is Not Enough” by Merryn Somerset Webb, I didn’t expect her to challenge my love of chocolate as much as she did!

While she writes, “When I see something I want…I look at the price and see how many working hours it will take to pay for it…Spending – even if unnecessary – is not all bad… Think of spending in terms of how much happiness you are buying yourself for the money you are spending, offset against the money you are earning. Is it enough? Very often it is not.”

I would say the “happiness” level can be measured both at the time of purchase and after. How many times I have bought an item of clothing, for example, and the happiness is very short lived! It looks worse on me than it did on the hanger!!! Argh!

So what does this have to do with chocolate? Well… Too much of my hard earned cash is not exactly offset by a correlating amount of happiness with the amount of chocolate consumed.

For example, most of the time I’ll probably pay around 70p for a bar of chocolate. One of the little ones – let’s not even get into the bigger bars!!! Let’s say, for argument sake, I buy an average of 4 bars a week. That’s £2.80 a week on chocolate. Which works out at £11.20 a month. Let’s add in 2 of the £1 bigger bars for those bad days, or those share with friends moments, and that’s approximately £13.20 a month on chocolate.

Over a year? £158.40 – which we might as well round up to £160 because… Some weeks are worse than others and that is a lot of chocolate money!!! Ouch!!! That’s like a spa treatment, a weekend away or tickets to see artists and singers I’ve not actually seen yet.

And while chocolate masquerades as my friend, leading up to the moment of consumption- after it just mocks me!!! So the happiness factor is devalued as a result.

Being money smart is about making small changes where you can see it – and being real about the small things we spend it on. Sometimes it’s about stopping and thinking, do I really need to scoff that much chocolate this year??

Not to mention the correlating benefit to the waistline, to the skin, to your health… You know it’s more than just about finances, right?!

On this occasion, maybe I’ll slouch my way past the chocolate aisle…!


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