Dealing With Inner Skin Complaints

I read an article recently (Is Your Skin Stressed, Dr Anthony Bewley, published in Healthy Magazine, Feb 2017 issue) which spoke about the interaction between the mind and the skin. Last week I mentioned that our skin is a reflection of what we eat, so it kinda makes sense there is an emotional-psychological link too. This is why we need to deal with the root cause of whatever is affecting us externally. Whether this is the wrong food we’re eating or the stress we’re feeling.

I know from my own experience, that when I was slap-bang in the middle of my distressing situation, throughout 2015-2016, the internal stress of the fight in my heart and mind played havoc with my skin. Portrayed by a particularly painful, burning inflammation which sometimes refused to be hidden by foundation and concealer.

This is why I feel that as I rebuild my life throughout the course of 2017, there has to be the realisation that God created me (us) to be wholly at peace. We’re created in His image: mind, body and spirit. Interlinked and connected together – one part is impacted by another, yet we try to deal with one aspect of our problems, while neglecting the impact on the other two parts of ourselves.

Just as we can’t eat the wrong food and not expect this to impact us physically, so should we not expect to have inner turmoil without this too having an impact on us physically.

When I was at my most stressed, I had problems eating, sleeping, motivation was low for even the things I love most – like writing. This had an obvious impact on how I physically appeared – right down to acne issues. Even when I started to take action to remove myself from the stressful and sometimes dangerous situations, the internal struggle continued to have an impact on how bad my skin looked.

So with this in mind, as I begin to rebuild, and as the quality of life improves, I’m hoping this particularly theory is correct. The root cause of acne-blighted skin is being worked on through prayer and dealing with stuff head on, so maybe, just maybe – as peace replaces internal turmoil, the interaction between my face and my mind begin to present a much calmer picture when I look in the mirror.

I am determined to allow beauty to replace the beast of stress in my life – allowing the Holy Spirit to outwork His peace which surpasses all understanding while on this leg of the journey, as well as drinking more water, continuing to use the Avène cleansing system, wearing a better foundation, and eating the right food…yada yada!



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