Prelude To Life

The last 40 years have officially been a prelude to life, because life begins at 40. Apparently. Does that mean from 0-39 years we’re not fully living, but learning and preparing for life after 40? Should we be more aware of that when we’re in our 20s??? Where does the phrase, “Life begins at 40” even come from!

If someone had literally travelled from the past into their future, my present, they would literally have coined the phrase just from my experiences alone!!! Last year was a pulling down kind of a year, the last few years have been incredibly tough, challenging and – at times – crushing. But last year was definitely the worst as everything came to a grinding, crashing halt. Well – maybe not everything… Drama Queen! But some of the key areas of life; key things I thought would be securely in place by the time I reached this age.

So trust me when I say that I am standing in the first week of my 40s declaring to God, “You know this whole new life begins at 40 thing? I am so ready!”

I am ready for a new life to be worked out and walked in. I am ready for the future hope and promises of God to be seen in my life. I am ready to walk in the confidence and assurance of the Lord who knows where He is leading me.

I am ready to shake the dust of the past off my feet, and put on the new shoes which will take me to where I am going. I don’t know all the details of the route, and while there are going to be moments I think I am in the drivers seat, ha! God is truly in the drivers seat – I’m a passenger who occasionally gets to steer the vehicle!

40s – what have you got for me? Because I am ready to rebuild!


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