Hygge With God

Sitting in my newly created hygge space, I’ve been reflecting on the blessings of God in my life as I moved (with some elegance and grace, hopefully) out of my 30s and into my 40s. The art of “hygge” is apparently about making the most out of the simple things in life which bring comfort and a sense of calm. Cozy. Warm. Comfy. Perfect for cold winter nights.

This is – for me – the best that God gives us: a sense of peace in the busiest of days, comfort in the most stressful of situations, coziness during the most stormiest of days. Finding space for your relationship with God is definitely “hygge” as it involves just being and not doing.

When I started the build-up to turning 40, I had determined I was going to make the best out of this milestone birthday, in the midst of so much which seemed to be going so wrong. I could have moped around…very easily! And if I’m honest, I was worried about how it would play out.

But I have been so blessed by the outpouring of love, from both God and those around me. While I may have had some moments of, “What am I going to do?!” God was preparing an abundance of blessings for me. He was inspiring the memories He knew I would treasure. He was creating the perfect hygge for me with Him.

This is how much the Father loves us – that He knows what we need before we even ask, and He delights in pouring out good gifts in our lives.

I may not have had snow at the Narnia party, I may not have had a tweet from Declan Donnelly, but I had an abundance of hygge moments with the God who knows how to reach the deepest parts of my heart, and bring a sense of deep peace and comfort in my 40th celebrations.

What more does a lady need if she’s to walk tall through the decade which claims, “Life begins…!”


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