Faff-Free Skin Routine, Please!

I normally avoid faff, to be honest with you. I really think time is too short to be faffing around with lots of potions and lotions – especially first thing in a morning. Seriously? Who has time in a morning! I clearly don’t have time for breakfast, never mind a long drawn out cleansing routine for my face.

So when I first saw the Avène cleaning system I wanted to try out required three steps, I was a bit hesitant. I used to just wash, moisturise and go! Alright, stop shouting at me, I can hear you through the screen you know!

I like that this includes a daily wash, as it doesn’t feel quite so faffy. I can accomplish stage one while in the shower, and not have to add extra time to my morning. It smells really nice and fresh, not medicated like some other products I’ve used, and not like a fake fruity smell. I like it! Stage two is the toner…ooo, this is a new world. This apparently is going to tighten my pores and reduce the oiliness of the T-Zone. You know – the T-Zone? The part of the face which creates a letter T: forehead, nose and chin. Yeah! That T-Zone!

I’ve mastered the art of brushing my teeth with one hand, and using a cotton pad to wipe this across my T-Zone. It feels cold after my morning shower, but again the smell is fresh and it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. This is the same for the final stage – the moisturiser, although Avène don’t call it that…they give it the rather grown-up title of, “hydrating emulsion” thank you very much!

imageTo get the best result, I am following the instructions to use all three products both morning and evening; so the normal, lazy, woman’s make-up removing face wipes have been thrown to the back of the make-up bag so they can’t distract me into breaking this new routine. Which actually isn’t as faffy as I thought it would be.

But this one question remains each time I partake of step three… What size pea are we going for? Petite pois? Mushy peas? So complicated!



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