Feeling Virtuous!

In my bid to reduce the amount of money I’ve been spending on food, I have stumbled across this whole new world known as #MealPrep. It looks quite tedious in the short-run, but very organised and domestic goddessy in the long run. So I thought I’d give it a try and compare the amount I would typically spend in a week eating at work with what I spend on meal prepping.

So on the first day, I spent £27 just buying a set of containers! Hahaha! Money saving expert I clearly am not! My problem is the items had to match, and when I realised I could get a pink set…..I couldn’t resist! I tried to ignore it, but the containers had me in their sights and refused to let go!

Actually, this also included a Brita Fill & Go filter water bottle, to reduce the amount I spend on buying bottled water. So far I may have spent £11.99 on it, and yes it is pink too, but in the first morning I have saved myself £2 on the drinks I would have bought – so within a week, this would have paid for itself….as long as I remember to bring it with me to work each day! I’m nearly 40 you know…apparently is all downhill for the old grey cells!

I’ve chosen to continue to visit the café on the estate where I work, purely because it gets me away from the desk and I can have a chat with the girls who work here while in a comfortable armchair. Latte and Smoothies it is then! I think I can smash my challenge to reduce the amount I spend here in a month…….she says on day one!


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