Taking Control – Lunch Money

As everyone knows, eating at the desk is like seriously damaging for your mental health. Having said that, eating out every day is seriously damaging to your financial health!

So, what’s a lady to do!?

Merryn Somerset Webb notes in her book, “Love is Not Enough” that on average people spend around £4 a day on lunch which works out at around £1044 a year.

A £4 lunch??? Not where I work! I can spend anything between £8-£15 on eating at the delicious cafe set in the grounds where I work. The food is literally divine, the chairs are comfy and it’s a short walk from my office to get away from the desk and worky stuff. The coffee is great. The staff are like old friends and I tend to “treat myself” to breakfast and lunch….just because!

So basing an average of, let’s say £12 per day, I’m currently working 5 days a week, so this works out at £60 per week. Over a month? £240. Hmmm…. How many pairs of shoes can I buy with that?!

I’m probably not going to stop nipping across to the Pantry, because it is more about getting some “me-space” as much as it’s about eating. But I can be a bit more savvy about how much I’m spending on a weekly or a monthly basis. Do I really need to spend that much a day? Can I not budget better and reduce this monthly outgoing?

Maybe I should switch the heels for walking boots a couple of times and have a walk around the deer park instead of sitting in the big, soft, comfy, cozy armchair…?

Maybe I don’t need a bacon butty every morning!

imageMaybe when I’m having a particularly difficult and stressful day, I don’t really need one of the very special, very naughty emotional hugs which I don’t even have to ask for anymore…

Maybe I should take some of my own food into the office, and just have a coffee or smoothie in the Pantry, and enjoy the chat with the girls who work there!

Challenge set!

Challenge accepted!

It’s not about totally denying myself little treats and enjoying the fruit of my labour. It’s about finding the right balance between financial hearth, wisdom and foolishness! Maybe that hot chocolate will still be needed on occasion after all, just not on a daily occasion.


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