The Acne Battle, From the Inside Out

Despite appearances, I’m not daft enough to think that using a particlar skin care regime is going to be enough to sort out my skin. So many products make big claims, but actually – let’s be honest here – any cleansing and moisturising routine can only accomplish so much in and of itself.

The appearance of how our skin looks is enhanced more so from the inside out. It comes down to a variety of issues which can be the culprit which causes acne, particularly in adulthood when our hormones have (allegedly) calmed down and no longer rage internally with mini explosions on our faces!

Deny it as much as you want, but often, we are what we eat. And the food, drink and treats we scoff can have an impact on our skin. I know as someone who suffers from gluten intolerance, sometimes when I eat food with gluten in it, this aggrevates my skin. As does lots of sugar…including some of the fakier, fake chocolate. The fakier the food, the more aggravated my skin becomes. Oh sensitive soul that I am!

For example, I went to Israel at the beginning of December, and had been consciously not eating certain foods in order to avoid that holiday bloat – mainly so I would look gaw-jus darling, in my Christmas outfits. Vanity, vanity!

I enjoyed the evening meal on my second evening, as the chef had prepared a GF menu for me and another guest, which was really delicious. Later that night, though, I felt my face burning and flaring up. Was it the wine? Had some gluten sneaked into something? I’d not eaten anything sweet (other than the pecan and honey GF pie) or chocolatey, so what was inflicting itself on my face?

The next night I was offered some more of the dessert, which had been left over…and again for lunch the following day. Both these times the angry inflammation aggravated my face, halting the obligatory holiday selfies. Momentarily at least. When I enquiried as to what was in the GF pecan pie, not only was the sweetness created with honey, but fake chocolate had been added in. Ohhhh man!

It’s like this: If what I put into my body affects the outward appearance of my skin, then I can’t just focus on dealing with the external presentation of the problem, I need to deal with the root causes as well.

Bit like most of life, really. If we don’t deal with the root of the problem, we’re not actually dealing with the problem at all.

So, while I try and clear my skin, I’ll continue to walk with my head held high – I love being a woman, just because foundation covers a multitude of acne-sin. Obviously, this also means I need to play my part in being a bit more conscious about what I’m eating and drinking, in order to give my body a fighting chance to let my skin look amazing on the day in question, oh, and to work with products like the Avène skin care system I’ve chosen to try out.

Now can someone please stop filling my extra large wine glass with rosé and top it up with water instead!



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