Mountain Conquered: Here’s what I Learned!

Before Christmas, I shared about a dream I’d had where I was standing at the top of a snow-covered mountain, facing a series of slalom gates which I needed to pass through. Mountain Conquered!

And now, here I stand at the other side of New Year, quietly relieved it’s all over, but exhilarated by the last couple of weeks. Oh my days, honestly, God has been faithful to His promise to uphold me through this season, it has been filled with smiles and laughter, as well as the odd tear. I couldn’t have asked for a better “season to be jolly” tra-la-la!

What here is what I have learned over the last 20 or so days: When we line ourselves up with God, it makes life a little bit easier to handle. That’s not to say all our problems magically disappear, but somehow, we are able to keep going in spite of them. They don’t cause us to retreat into a duvet fort and hibernate for the whole season… even if there are times when I might have felt like it!

I am so blessed by family who travelled for hours, in order to make the TP feel like a home. I am so blessed by the friends God brought into my life, who have pulled me into their family. I am so blessed by the crazy lunch and coffee dates and online conversations, for all of these helped to make the season of Christmas and New Year less lonely than it could have been. But more than that – I am blessed by those close heart-friends who covered me in prayer, making the journey with God much better than I could have ever hoped for.

This year – whatever you encounter, don’t try and go it alone. Let the support of like-minded people carry you along, like a pair of solid skis, through the parts you don’t feel able to handle. Yes, it involves making yourself vulnerable – but it’s better than making yourself miserable in your loneliness, isn’t it?



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