Financial Aspirations!

Everyone makes “New Year’s Resolutions” at the beginning of the New Year – with most of them being broken or forgotten about within a matter of weeks. I prefer to set goals I hope to achieve, and over the last few years, have mostly achieved what I set out to do. Although, hands up, sometimes the goals end up having to continue for more than one year!!

This year is a bigger determiner of the goals I have set, as there is much which will need to change as a result of the journey I’ve taken over the course of the last 18 months or so.

Oh… and as I enter a new decade of life! That kinda causes you to take stock of where you’re at and what you hope to achieve.

I started reading a book called, “Love is not enough” by Merryn Somerset Webb during the Christmas break. It’s a few years old, but very good – and the advice is still relevant. It’s not about love and romance, so don’t get too excited, if that’s what you’re hoping for! It’s subtitled, “The Smart Woman’s Guide to Money”. I can’t vouch for you, but I think I’m smart enough to read it!!

Of course, none of the advice is particularly new… In terms of paying off debt, not spending more than you earn, saving more, yada yada, but it’s presented in a way I can identify with (Direct Quote: “I happen to think that having a coffee in Starbucks every morning is worth it…” Oh how I love this lady!!!) and I guess I am at a stage to move to the next level of taking control of some areas of my life – so it’s about being ready to receive and act on the relevant sections of this advice, as I walk toward achieving my new goals.

I praise God He has allowed me to be debt-free after a difficult year – which includes the paying-off of a debt which had been accumulated without my knowledge. So I know He will help me to curb some of my unnecessary spending (do I really need ANOTHER pair of heels to go with that new outfit I just ordered….yes 😍 no 😳 Maybe 🤔).

Of course, the other aspect of this means I know exactly what I’m worth and what I’m bringing to the table, so “Love is not enough” if any potential suitor can’t take control of his finances either. Twice stung leads to sassy, smart understanding of what I need to see being laid on the table in the future. Sweet smile. Steely gaze.

imageHappy New Year – And as I learn how to make my finances work for me, may you also learn how to make your finances work for you. After all – why should the statistic on the right apply to you or I, if God is on our side.



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