I’m Over 40 – Why Is Acne Still an Issue?

When I was in my teens, and early twenties, I swear I had better skin than I do now! And people used to tell me back then that when I was older, I could kiss goodbye to skin problems like acne….lies!! Sigh!

imageI seem to have a worse problem now than I did back then, though I suspect that was mainly as a result of the pill the Dr’s automatically prescribed for me when I went to them complaining of severe period pains. The side effect of the pill seemed to help with the acne problem I’d had as well. When you’re a teenager, the statistic printed on the side of a box of a cleansing system is never told to you. Who knew adults can be plagued by this problem as well?!?

So with a fabulous birthday event being planned for my 40th, a Narnia-theme party, no less, I thought it was time to see if I can do something to make the photos look even more amazing. Though, let’s be honest, being dressed as the snow queen for my own birthday event, I’m already going to look glamourously gorgeous in the photos! But that’s not the point. There’s always room for improvement.

I was on the prowl for something which I could use on my no-longer-a-teenager face, something which would help with the horrible acne problem I cunningly mostly hide with make-up, but which would be suitable for…err… Maturer skin!

imageAnd Lo and behold, my search did chance me upon a product which promises to visibly reduce the appearance of blemishes in three weeks! And it’s suitable for adult skin. And for sensitive skin. And it looks exquisitely expensive in its French packaging – so obviously suitable for a lady who is about to snow queen her way into her 40’s! Boom! Perfect! I bought it, had a lovely natter with the lady behind the counter who informed my her teenage daughter wanted this product too, then went on my merry way!

I have taken a “before” photo, ready to do a comparison at the end of each week, and plan to follow the instructions to a tee, in order to get the best out of this regime as I possibly can. So watch this space!

Oh…and I kindly tweeted the makers, Avène to let them know I can’t wait to see the result of this delicious creation which is going to make the snow queen so frighteningly perfect when she arrives in Narnia.

Ooooo…so exciting trying new things!


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