Your Past Doesn’t Belong in Your Future

As we leave 2016 behind, it’s important to remember this one thing – LEAVE YOUR BAGGAGE BEHIND! Don’t drag your past into your future, because it really doesn’t belong there! The past belongs firmly in the past.

This means we need to deal with the people who have hurt us – forgiveness is the only way. The situations we never expected to face – we have to continue to build on from them, and allow God to carry us beyond the fear and disappointment. The challenges we had thrown at us – were challenges we overcame. And if we didn’t, they provided us with lessons to learn for the next time. The heartache we experienced – we need to allow God to bring His comfort and healing into the deepest parts of our heart. The words spoken over us – shake off anything and everything which doesn’t line itself up with the Word of God. He is the final authority on who you are and the future which awaits you.

It’s time to let go of some of the stuff which affected us and impacted us in 2016, so we can grab hold of the blessings God will pour out on you in 2017. If you’re still hanging onto the past, you don’t have enough space to take hold of the future. If you’re refusing to let it go, you’re refusing to allow God to bring you His abundance life for this coming year.

I know it’s tough. I’m also learning to leave some of my baggage at the door of 2016, so that when the door finally opens to 2017, I’ll be ready.

Then when the New Year begins, I can lift my empty arms to God and say, “I’m ready to receive all You have for me this year. Please don’t let me miss anything.”

If it looks like I’m doing a Lot’s wife and starting to turn my head to look back at what I’ve left behind, I hope and pray God will keep me close so all I see is all He has for me.

I will not be dragging my past with me.

I pray the same for you too.


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