How to Describe 2016

How would you describe your 2016 in five words or less? I know we’re still not at the end of December, but most people are already talking about 2016 as being soooo last year, and many of us seem to have run into 2017 before it’s even arrived.

For me, 2016 was, “The year I’d rather forget”, “My own personal annus horribulus”, or “The year my dreams shattered”, or “The year of difficult choices”, or “The year of God’s provision”, or, “The year I chose life”, or “The year of tough pruning”, or “The year I lost everything” or, “The year of the turn-around” or, “The year abundant life began” – depending on what frame of mind I’m in.

It has been an interesting year for so many people – I know of too many people for whom 2016 is a year they can’t wait to turn their back on, shake the dust off their heels and embrace a New Year filled with the promise of new hope. And in the world of “celebrity” there have been numerous deaths which seem incomprehensible for the average person.

But one thing I am trying to remind myself of, and to understand, is that even in the midst of troubles and difficulties, I can honestly stand and say, “But God!” God has shown Himself to be right by my side throughout even the darkest days of this year, as well as the easier days. He has shown me His faithfulness, His comfort, His provision, and the fact that He has a future for me, even when it seemed as though life was over.

While I have no idea what 2017 has to offer, I really hope it is much better than this year has been. I know it will be a year of rebuilding, and I know it will be a significant year in so many ways, not least of all the milestone birthday coming up in just over two weeks. What I do find comfort and assurance of, is that no matter what, I know my God is for me and not against me. I hope that you know this one simple truth too, as we walk away from 2016 into 2017. For this one truth alone helps me to keep my head held upright as my focus is fixed on the One Who has truly saved me, and I pray this truth will keep your eyes lifted too.


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