The Acoustics of an Empty Room are Amazing!

When I sold my house, it was a bitter-sweet symphony. So many emotions built up to a beautiful signature moment with God.

For while the release of the sale of the house meant another step toward a new start in life, there was also the recognition of what had been lost.

When everything had been removed by my brother, and a couple of friends, I went back to do a last tidy up. When I had finished, I ended up sitting on the bottom step messaging one of my friends and dealing with the emotional response to this moment I was unexpectedly sitting in.

I remember having a picture of what appeared to be pieces of broken glass around my feet. I felt that the pieces of glass represented the brokenness of the dreams I’d had when I first bought the home and moved in; and now, here they were in pieces broken and sparkling around my feet.

I knew that when I left the house for the last time I had a choice. When I left I would need to step over the broken pieces. Many of the dreams I’d had were to remain and never be picked up again as I left the house. But there were some of the broken pieces which I would be able to carefully pick up and carry the dream out with me. I messaged my friend that the hard part was knowing which ones I can actually work on to make a reality, and which ones were to be left behind. Some would be easy to identify, while others would need God’s loving directions to show the difference between carrying the right pieces and the wrong ones. The ones which would be part of a new dream, and the ones which had the potential to pierce and hurt more than heal.

That’s the beauty of knowing God. He doesn’t need a whole in order to make a dream a reality. He knows how to make something from nothing. He knows how to take the clay and remodel it when it doesn’t go according to plan.

So if you are currently standing in what appears to be the middle of broken glass – take care not to move too soon, in case you get hurt on one of the pieces, and don’t forget to identify and carefully pick up the most precious bit’s of the right dreams to carry with you into your future.

Then, when it is time, walk tall through the brokenness and let the healing of God lead you to retrieve the pieces He will work with in your future.


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