Even When You Think He’s Not Listening…He Is!

Have you ever felt like when you’re talking to God, what you’re actually doing is just talking to yourself?

I was feeling like this, even while I’ve been in Israel – and you know this is God’s special land, right! If I can’t feel like God is listening to me here, what hope do I have??? (I’m joking – God listens to us anywhere in the world!)

This is one of the BIGGEST questions, isn’t it? When I talk to God, is He really listening? I know, I know…faith…Yada yada. But today, I experienced the confirmation that He really is listening, even when it feels as though I am the crazy lady in the corner talking to myself.

I had, in between conference sessions, been returning to my room, pacing the floor tiles and shouting at the ceiling, it seemed. Then today during our afternoon break, I declared to God that I needed someone to listen to me, because I wasn’t making much sense anymore! I went back down to get a drink, taking it outside in the sunshine, before the last session began. Within two minutes I was joined by someone I trusted and knew I could talk to, and we both shared – her from past experience, and me from current position! – such an answer to prayer.

As if THAT  wasn’t enough – which it was for me! I was content God had heard and answered!! – after the final session of the day, one of the conference delegates spoke to me to say, “Hang in there, I believe God is going to use you more.” As well as praying the same verses from Isaiah I had been meditating on during the afternoon.

Abba had definitely been listening to me.

imageWe sometimes forget God is capable of listening to all of us, even if we’re all talking to Him at the same time. We forget that His ear tunes, not so much to our voice, as to our heart. He is more interested in what you’re really saying, than what you verbalise. And while you may not necessarily have the right words to adequately describe how you’re feeling, God tunes His ears to your heart…to what you’re not saying, or what you’re hiding from!

So, what’s the point in trying to say the right thing at the right time, with Him?!  What’s the point in remaining tight-lipped? Your heart is screaming much louder to Abba than you realise!

I don’t know about you, but when I don’t feel like I’m being heard, it causes one of two responses from me: Either I stop talking because I’m not being heard, or I become louder, to make sure I am heard! I often try this with God too!

But He hears and listens to our thoughts before we even utter a word.

If that doesn’t cause us to believe we are worth listening to, and our heart’s cry is worth hearing, we need to get back into Abba’s presence until He is able to show just how precious our thoughts, and cries are.

You are so worth listening to, Abba is already tuning His ear to you – the question is, are you ready to tune your ear to Him?


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