Perfecting Weakness

So I’m currently sitting in the Galilee, reflecting on what God has been doing in my life over the last couple of years, part of which involves going through a couple of books with some soul searching questions. Ouch!

Being led to read 2 Corinthians 12:9-10, it struck me that while most of the time I can quote easily the first part of this…”My grace is sufficient…” Yada yada, the second part of verse 9, I have been guilty of overlooking! How many times do we quote just part of a verse and ignore or forget about the red of it??

God says, “My strength is perfected in weakness…” So, if you think about athletes, gymnastics, body builders, rock climbers, etc… they have an incredible strength in the parts of their bodies most of us (OK….me!) neglect. It’s muscle, which becomes toughened and strengthened over time, through perfecting an action, a routine, or a movement. And even when it hurts they don’t quit….they push through the wall. While most of us would double over in agony, rolling around like a diving footballer til we get some tea and sympathy; and then refuse to move until the muscle has returned to its normal soft state again….or is that just me??

designSo, if God is saying, “My strength is perfected….” that basically means, that like a muscle, our weaknesses become the means through which God is able to reveal His strength. To us, and also to those around us. So, when we are most ready to give up, God is standing on the sidelines like a personal coach, shouting, “NO! Don’t stop! Push through the wall!!! I am perfecting My strength in you. Come on! Get up off the floor! STAND STRONG! I’ll make you STAND STRONGER!”

Yes, I know it hurts. Trust me I know! And so does God. But He is perfecting something. Which means repeated actions. Which means doing it over and over again, til you get it. And what is it that we are meant to get? That God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness. And that His grace really is sufficient.

Don’t shy away from your weaknesses, learn what it means to stand strong in them, and then don’t slouch around like you want to hide, walk tall knowing God really is at work – in your life, in your situation, in your day. Perfecting something. His strength.


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