Good Things Will Happen To You Too!


Have you ever felt like life is literally so messed up, you must have done something so drastically wrong to annoy God or something? Or looked at other people’s lives and thought – how come everything is so together for them, but my life can’t get much worse?

Let me encourage you:
YOU matter! 

I have been around Church long enough to have experienced  first-hand the cycles and season which make up this thing called “life”, and to know that while some people LOOK like they have everything all together – actually, none of us goes through life completely unscathed.

Don’t judge your life by what you see happening in other people.

Just because you can’t see what is happening in another person’s world, doesn’t mean you can take their FaceBook post or Instagram photos as gospel truth that all is well. If you continue to look at the life of others through the lens of social media, you will send yourself insane. Don’t even judge someone’s life based on the smile they wear on a Sunday, or the tilt of their heads as they walk past you, because for all you know, the tilt of their head could be caused by the finger of God lifting them as they walk through a difficult season.

Your life is your life.

But your life WITH GOD, instead of trying to work it out alone, is guaranteed to be way more purposeful and adventurous, regardless of how your NOW appears. Things may be tough right now, but it won’t always be like this. God is leading you to a greater destination than where you currently are, so a year from now you will look back and think, “Why was I so hung up on what was happening?”

Don’t look around, look up.

Walk tall with the knowledge that you have purpose, and allow the inner confidence we receive through Jesus, give you strength to walk through the difficult seasons, which don’t make sense, as well as the easy seasons.

Good things will happen for you too – even today in the midst of the storm!


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