The Ultimate Accessory FOR Life

Matching Bible & outfitThat moment you turn up to work and your outfit matches your new Bible!!

Now I know accessorising our outfits is good – but the Bible is not an accessory to life – it is a necessity for life. That doesn’t mean you have to buy a range of them in a variety of colours to match your outfit/mood/attitude etc… unless you particularly wanted to?!

And unlike accessories, the Bible doesn’t complete what you’re wearing. Often, these days, get caught carrying a Bible like a clutch bag and you’re not really going to get a lot of “Oooo I love that, where did you buy it?” type comments!!

But the Bible is the ultimate accessory for knowing how to understand the many challenges life brings. It’s the ultimate finishing piece for knowing how to build my relationship with God. It is the ultimate aspect of every single journey I take, and I cannot survive without it!

Literally – the Bible has been the best part of my spiritual outfit on so many ocassions. But the Bible doesn’t accessorise my life, my life accessorises the message of the Word. For the Bible is living and active – and while it may have been written so many thousands of years before my pink heels hit the ground, and I may have been reading it for nearly 40 years – oooo that sounds funny! – I cannot expect it to enhance my life, if I am not prepared to live by what it says. I have experienced first hand when what I am reading “jumps out” at me, and is so incredibly relevant and applicable to what I am walking through. even those passages which i have read, like a zillion times, there is something new which goes exactly, with what i need on that day or in that season.

If we are going to navigate life as easily as possible, we need to be plugged in to God and allow Him to lead us through the seasons of life. It is His Spirit who will help us to recognise even the most vicious of wolves in our lives, the firey-est of darts and the most subtle of the enemy’s schemes – as long as we allow Him to speak to us through His Word.


HEY!! So now you’ve seen my pink Bible, why not show off your own #BibleLifeAccessory? Take a photo and upload it to social media using the #BibleLifeAccessory hashtag and tag me in!! I would love to see how coordinated we all are!!


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