Break Out and Dance!

Sometimes God gets us to do something which seems awkward and uncomfortable on the surface. But that’s because we focus on it too much through our own eyes, and so potentially miss what God can do, given half a chance. And then we just stop. Give up. throw in the towel, because we can’t see the point of what we’re doing.

Fix our minds on things above, not on the things of this world!

You have to watch this short video for what I’m about to say to make any sense… in particular the people on the second row!! Especially the guy on the left!!!!

So, the lady in the middle, Daphne, just proper let it go and broke away from the formation and the routine!She totally smashed it!! God wants us to BREAK-OUT of our limitations, and be RELEASED, as He has so much for each of us to accomplish His Kingdom, among a generation who are desperately in need of life – ABUNDANT LIFE!!

When we step out, against the neat conforms of society, we experience the full life which Jesus has to offer us.

Now did you see the guy on the left?? Bless!! Andrew tried, he really did, and he represents many of the blokes in the UK whose rhythm is somewhat…. unique?! You must have heard that phrase, “Dance like no one is watching…”?? Just like Andrew, most of us, if we are honest, end up just stopping and watching other people doing life from the side-lines, because it is less scary and less intimidating – and incredibly less embarrassing! So actually, what happens is we miss out on the experience, at the excuse of observing life rather than living it.

When the Jewish people approached the Temple, they didn’t stand around outside the gates trying to watch what was happening inside – they went right in and experienced completely, all the Temple offered – the sights, the sounds, the smells – and the sense of reverence and awe of being in the presence of God.

And during the festivals, there would have been much dancing, much hilarity, and probably much laughing at Andrew, had he been old enough to join the party!

We are the body of Christ, we work together to encourage and spur one another on. So next time you see someone standing on the side-lines, taking out a camera to “capture” the moment (excuses!!), drag them back into the fold of life and keep encouraging them to break out of the box!

But you also, break out of the routine, and let it all go, like Daphne did. Listen to the rhythm of heaven in your life, then hold your head up high and dance to your heart’s content!! Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. God has a fun life, as well as a fulfilling life awaiting you. And when you’re dancing like this – you won’t have time to slouch around!!


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