Plug It In

I was at a friend’s house last night, and we had such a chilled night, cotched down under a blanket, chatting over everything from her attempting to learn bass overnight to my adventures when training as a lifeguard!

I don’t know about you, but I need friends like that!! People who you can just hang out with, and laugh – a lot – with! But who will also encourage and inspire you!

We are the body of Christ, and we are not meant to live life separately, trying to muddle through on our own, but plugged into one another, and plugged into the Source of our life – the Holy Spirit.

When I walked into Joss’s house, I noticed immediately how her and her husband had shifted around the furniture in their front room. That’s how observant I am, see!!

Joss's lamp editedBut what I hadn’t noticed, until Joss pointed it out, was the lamp on the desk. It looked good!! That’s all I noticed. But upon closer inspection, the lamp is actually incredibly useless. It looks good – but that is all! There is no plug socket, and the lamp cannot actually be used for it’s full potential while it remains on the desk in that particular part of the room.

Now here’s the inspired bit – some Christians are exactly like this lamp – you look good. but that’s all. You’re not plugged into the source of power – the Holy Spirit, and other believers. You stand there – alone, in your corner of the room, where God had hoped you would be a light through whom He can shine, but instead – you are not able to be used to your fullest potential. You look good – in the daylight, but when it gets dark, you’re of no use, whatsoever! And it’s clear to me that we really are living in dark days.

My encouragement to you is: Get plugged in!
Looking good is pretty pointless, if you are not actually plugged into the source of all God needs us to be in the dark of night. And the truth is, if you blend into the darkness, you might think you look good, but actually – no one can see you anyway! You’re only seeing your own self in your own light, but no one else can see you.

So, get plugged in to the Holy Spirit and watch how He makes what you do more glorious
than you can ever think or imagine!


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