Warrior Bride

Some of you may be wondering, if this blog is not strictly aimed at women, and it’s not actually about heels – or even shoes, for that matter – why is it called “You Can’t Slouch in Heels”?

Or maybe you aren’t, but I’m going to tell you anyway!

Basically it is to encourage anyone who reads my offerings, that we can walk tall in the confidence of knowing who we are in Christ. This isn’t just a message for women, or men, but for all of us. Collectively. 

I believe we are living in a time of spiritual significance, as heaven prepares for the return of Jesus to claim His Warrior Bride. I use the term “Warrior Bride” because we have been called to stand firm in Christ, to fight the good fight, and not to lose heart as the Day of the Lord approaches. 

As the day seems to grow darker, the light of Christ within the Church need to shine brighter. There are many ways to achieve this, but walking with confidence and purpose, in the strength of the Lord, is going to be more attractive than a bunch of Christians slouching around trying to not draw attention to ourselves, and hide in the shadows to avoid being seen as being confrontational.

As the Warrior Bride, waiting for the return of our victorious King, stand strong on the solid foundation of the Rock of Jesus, allow God to be the lifter of your head as you look up and fix your eyes on Him, and stride with confidence that we are on the winning side.

When we walk through the fire, we make purposeful strides to get out quickly, with as little damage as possible. It’s kinda better for us if we don’t dawdle, as this prolongs the pain and causes more hurt. I am obviously speaking spiritually….I’ve never actually walked through a real fire, nor on hot coals, before you ask!

As a woman who wears heels, I know there are wrong ways to walk in them as well as the right way……! This is the substance behind this site! There are many ways to walk, but could it be that there is a right way for the Warrior Bride to strut her stuff on this earth?? Especially as we are being made ready for the return of our Groom?

Let me know what you think!


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