I Will Stand!

I just want to say this one thing: No matter what you are dealing with, you can STAND! The ability to stand isn’t something which is determined by how great and rosy life is. Not in the slightest! It is determined by something much more powerful. Trust me, I am experiencing it big time!

I’ve started listening to an old album again, by New Life Worship, and decided to skip ahead to one of the songs I quite like, but ended up playing a different song instead of the one I thought it was.  Ever done that?! Turns out it was actually the right song for the day! I absolutely love it when God does that! Redirects you to what He wants to say!

So the chorus of the song talks about “standing” in worship, which most of of the time we would just sing without thought in a Church service.  But I can’t exactly stand very tall while driving – even I’m not short enough to accomplish that bit of skill! Sitting in my car allowed me the time to reflect a bit more on what I was singing.

And then it dropped…!

In the spiritual realm we can often be brought to a position where we are, spiritually speaking, brought to our knees. Where standing feels so incredibly difficult because of the weight of what we are dealing with, or carrying, or burdened by. When it feels as though the idea of standing is a distant memory, or we can’t imagine ourselves boldly standing in the presence of God right now. Or ever again.

Have you ever felt that?

These are the times when the Holy Spirit will lift us, when we physically don’t feel as though we are able to stand. Yet somehow, spiritually we find that we are not only standing, but we are standing with compusure, with confidence, with our heads lifted high. Not because the situation is any different, but because the impact of God’s power at work in our lives in the spiritual realm far exceeds what we feel, see or know in the physical realm.

We are made victorious through Jesus our Saviour, and it is THIS which allows us to stand boldly in the presence of God (Hebrews 4:16). It is THIS which allows us to having done all, to remain standing (Ephesians 6:13). It is THIS which means that when the fight against principalities and powers it at its most fierce, we can stand strong on the solid foundation of Jesus (Ephesians 6:10).

Being able to stand, when you feel at your weakest, when you feel at your lowest, when you feel at your most broken, is not dependant on what you feel or what you are experiencing. It’s dependant on your MINDSET. We make the choice to stand firm in the full authority of Christ, knowing that even though things are difficult, it will not last. The season will draw to a close, and you will move forward into the next one. Your life is hidden in Christ, so my dear friend, STAND STRONG. Not in your own strength, but in the strength of the One who lifts your head, and pulls your feet out of the mire, setting them on solid rock.
To listen to New Life Worship’s I Will Stand, click here


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