All My Single Ladies – THIS is How to Get The Guy

I knew that would grab your attention!!

I have some amazing advice which has been revealed to me BY GOD (OK…. Maybe not quite, but it is Godly!) and is a sure-fire way to get the guy of your dreams to notice you. Honestly!

No, seriously!!

I know…. there are so many YouTube stars, bloggers, advice columnists and…well just sooooo many experts, all offering the definitive way for you to not only get the guy to notice you, but what you need to do to get him to approach you, and then what you need to text/say/do to make sure he sticks with you, and THAT ONE THING which will get him to commit to you. I’ve seen it doing the rounds on social media, even in the papers and on TV….and I’m pretty certain there was a textbook written while the guys were hanging around on the ark!

But ladies….I really do have the advice that beats all advice!

See, what I have noticed is that much of these so-called top tips revolve around saying the “right thing” or doing the “right thing” – in other words, hiding the real you behind what has been decided to be the “right thing”. Decided by whom? And for what purpose?

The reality is this – no two men are alike. No two women are alike.

Trying to text the right message to keep a guy interested, smacks to me of game-playing above everything else. It causes you to reflect someone else, rather than reflecting your real self. It tries to say that what worked for one “expert” will work on every guy you will ever come into contact with. Or what worked for one blogger will work for every woman.

But life is sooo not that straight-forward. There really is no magic word you can send in a message, or a determined tactic you can employ. People are people. We are uniquely designed and created, and while there are similarities between us, no two of us are so identical that what grabbed the attention of one couple, will work between another.

THIS is the honest way in which you can grab his attention………. Are you ready? Are you sitting comfortably??

Work out who you really are, and be that lady.

The most attractive quality in both men and women, are those who know who they are and walk in it, rather than hiding behind games, masks, and false words. There’s nothing worse than being with someone who pretends to be one thing, until they “get you” before they revert back to who they really are. No one can maintain a false impression for the rest of their lives. No one can keep up an act which is not truly who they are.

The fear of being seen for the “real you” won’t even be an issue, if you are real and authentic from the outset! Stop reading all those articles or listening to those Vloggers  “amazing tips” and tune into your own heart. A real lady doesn’t need anything to prove her worth, except the love and confidence of Jesus. This will cause you to walk in the confidence and assurance He offers, and I can guarantee this one thing – walking tall in the fullness of who you are gets you noticed! You won’t need to slouch because you know your identity is secure in the One Who created you, and His love gives us a deeper confidence than any friend or lover can ever bring.

Be you. Walk tall as you, not as someone else’s idea of who you should be. Because God looked at you when He made you and declared over you, “She is a beauty!”


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